Dry Aged Buccleuch Beef at Andersons

The title Duke of Buccleuch, was created in the Peerage of Scotland on 20 April 1663 for the Duke of Monmouth, who was the eldest illegitimate son of Charles II of Scotland, England, and Ireland, and who had married Anne Scott, 4th Countess of Buccleuch.(WIKI)

Buccleuch Beef is different from what you may have experienced in the past. The first thing you will notice is the rich colour – a result of the maturing process and a sign of superior flavour.

The beef is traditionally matured for a minimum of 21 days, to your specific requirements, giving it the unique Buccleuch attributes of flavour, tenderness and undeniable quality. The prime cuts boast a little more fat, helping infuse them with natural juices during cooking. This gives an intense succulence, synonymous with Buccleuch meats. For MPW it is aged for 35 days.

In January 2011 Campbell Brothers, Scotland’s leading supplier of fresh Scottish meat and game became the only Butchers allowed to supply Buccleuch beef .

All animals are either steer or heifer with no OTM (over thirty months) or bulls. They are grass fed and selected based on a set of strict criteria, to ensure the highest level of consistency and quality. All Buccleuch Beef is fully traceable.

Supply of Buccleuch Beef is exclusive to Campbell Brothers, whose quality of butchery and service is demonstrated through their Royal Warrant as providers of meat and poultry to The Royal Household

Buccleuch Scotch Beef is carefully selected from the finest Scottish Beef Cattle.


For dry-aging, whole sides of beef or primal cuts are hung on the bone in controlled refrigeration and air flow. The beef hangs on hooks open to the controlled air, at a temperature just above freezing. It is left here to age for 2-4 months.
Not only are the enzymes working on the muscle tissues during this time, but the meat is also slowly dehydrating.
This concentrates the meat and adds to the texture and flavour.

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