Curry Night



Starts: January 26, 2017 18:00 Ends: 21:30

To Start

Thakkali Rasam – Spiced Pepper, Lentil and Tomato Soup


Lamb Rogan Josh (medium/hot)

From Kashmir, This curry originally comes from Persia, rogan means ‘oil’ and josh means ‘hot’. In other words this dish is cooked with intense heat.  But rogan also means ‘red’, and above all this dish is red and satisfyingly spicy from Kashmiri chillies!

Meen Kulambu – Cod Curry (mild/medium)

A simple, fresh and fragrent curry from Southern India

Mandra (mild/medium)

From Himmachal Pradesh (Himalayas). This creamy curry of potato and asparagus is then spiced with cinnamon, fennel and black cardamom to give the truly unique flavour of

Northern Indian style curries


Chilled Mango Fool with Saffron and Ginger Shortbread

All of our curries are homemade using freshly ground spices,

all served with Fragrant Pilau Rice and Naan Bread

£20 per person, including a beer, wine or soft drink